CBD Hash

What is CBD hash ?

What is CBD hash & Cannabis

Most of us have heard about Cannabis Hash, but not many people know that CBD hash also exists. It is usually found in the form of gummies, edibles, topical creams, capsules, and oil.

CBD hash is not common, which is why most people don’t know how to use it or incorporate it into their daily lives. Hash is one of the types of CBD concentrates containing a dense quantity of CBD so that each serving is more potent and more effective.

Read on to know more about CBD hash and how to use it.

How CBD hash is produced ?

CBD hash is usually made from Cannabis plants that contain low concentration of THC and a considerably higher quantity of CBD. Cannabis sativa or industrial hemp is known to have less than 0.2 % THC and about 40% CBD content which makes it very suitable for producing CBD concentrates such as Hash. Interestingly Hash is made without using any preservatives or additives to keep it all-natural. The buds and pollen of the plants are compressed in ice water to produce high-quality CBD hash. You may also make your own CBD Hash at home by rubbing the crystals from the buds and then squeezing them to turn them into a concentrate. Remember that since the hash is a concentrate, it is very powerful as compared to other sources of CBD. It is recommended to begin with a small amount of Hash and gradually increase the dose if it doesn’t seem to make the desired changes. Also, there should be an optimal time span between 2 consecutive hits to make sure your experience is safe.

How to use CBD hash?

CBD hash can be used in numerous ways, such as smoking, vaping, topical application, or even in edibles. Each of these delivery methods has its own advantages and downsides.

Smoking CBD hash

One of the most favorite ways to use Hash is by smoking it. Smoking hash requires a very small quantity as it is densely concentrated with CBD and other cannabinoids. Start by rolling your hash dose into a joint. Light it up and take small puffs. Make sure not to light the hash directly, as it will ruin the flavor and burn it.

Vaping CBD hash

Vaping CBD hash requires some equipment like an e-cigarette or a vaporizer. It is recommended to go for high-quality hash and an even better vaporizer. Low-quality hash may contain preservatives or contaminants that can be damaging to your health and could ruin the vaporizer as well. Make sure to cover your vaporizer with degummed hemp pads because it gets gooey upon heating. Since it becomes really sticky, it can destroy liquid pads or concentrate pads.

Pollen CBD hash is powdery, which is not damaging for the equipment. It can be broken up evenly to offer more coverage and a balanced hit with each vape.

CBD hash topicals

CBD hash can also be used in the form of topicals for external use only. Many CBD manufacturers offer topicals infused with hash, but you can always make your own. Choose the type of carrier oil, such as coconut oil or olive oil, and mix powdered CBD hash in it. Topical products are excellent for localized pain and inflammation.

CBD hash edibles

You can also cook your favourite meal with CBD hash to intake the dose in a delicious way. However, make sure to decarboxylate CBD by heating it at 116 degrees for about 60 minutes.

Make sure to go for precise measurements to avoid overdosing. The effect of CBD edibles lasts longer than any other delivery system. Even though it may take a few hours to be metabolized in the body and enter the bloodstream but the effects are long-lasting.

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