CBD Concentrates

What is CBD concentrates and how to use it ?

CBD Concentrates

Types of CBD concentrate

Concentrates are available in different forms that depends upon the method of extraction and processing utilized. Different types of concentrate can be consumed in different ways such as smoking dabbing and vaping.

Here are a few most famous CBD concentrates available in the market.

CBD wax

CBD wax is a viscous, thick substance that is usually obtained by the butane extraction method. But the safest and sophisticated method to obtain CBD wax is the CO2 extraction method that gives us high quality and clean concentrate with desired phytochemicals. CBD wax has a darker color as compared to other concentrates and provides 60 to 90% of CBD.


This is a creamy, fluffy concentrate with a texture of butter. The method of extraction used to obtain budder is butane or supercritical CO2 methods. Manufacturers obtain budder by purging extract under high pressure and temperature. After that the mixture is mixed thoroughly to remove any traces of solvent. It provides the same consistency as wax so it can be dabbed or vaped.


It is similar to wax but the concentration of moisture in it makes it more solid and less viscous. Due to its less sticky nature, it is very easy to handle, making it a good option for vaping CBD.


Shatter has a glass like consistency and feel. This translucent type of CBD concentrate melts to form honey like substance suitable for dabbing.

CBD isolate

CBD isolate is the purest form of CBD concentrate that does not contain any impurities of phytochemicals. It contains up to 99% pure CBD and very little concentration of terpenes.

How to use concentrates?

Concentrates can be consumed in a variety of ways but the most popular methods are:


This method utilizes devices such as vaporizer to only heat the CBD concentrate to a certain temperature. This results in the formation of vapors that give gentle and tasty hits. Since there is no combustion of the concentrates it is a healthy option as compared to smoking.


This method involves placing desired amount of concentrate on a heated nail. It allows users to consume a high amount of CBD in a single dose.


CBD concentrates can be used in a variety of eatables to enjoy the benefits of CBD. You can add CBD concentrate in your brownies, juice, coffee or even soups.

Edibles take a little time to kick in, but they stay for a longer time as compared to dabbing and vaping.

Risks associated with consuming concentrates

According to World Health Organisation, CBD is considered safe, and only mild symptoms such as dry mouth, dizziness, drowsiness, diarrhea, and loss of appetite are associated with its consumption.

But since the concentration of CBD and other compounds are very high in concentrates, the person may feel enhanced side effects. If you are using CBD concentrates for medicinal properties, it would be best to consult with your physician.

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