CBD for pets

CBD for Pets

Just like humans, there are a lot of reasons that parents want to try CBD for their. As with any other wellness trends when it comes to CBD for pets , you would come across a lot of information floating around the internet which makes it overwhelming to differentiate between what’s exaggeration and what’s accurate.

So put your all worries to rest as we have compile this blog to answer all your questions regarding CBD for pets.


CBD is phytocannabinoid that is obtained from cannabis sativa plant. This plant contains more than hundred types of cannabinoids including THC and CBN that are psychoactive. But unlike its sister cannabinoids, CBD cannot create a feeling of high.

Research on the effects of CBD in animals as well as humans is still in its early stages and few evidences have found that it may help manage following health concerns.

Benefits of CBD for pets

  • Pain relief

It is very common for a pets to suffer from various types of pain due to different conditions such as old age or arthritis. Medicines are a good option to relieve pain but they are often very expensive. This is where CBD can help due to its strong and analgesic properties that are also backed by science. Studies on animal models show that CBD can help manage chronic and acute pain.

Many cats and dogs suffer from inflammation due to injury or arthritis. The inflammation and associated pain makes the condition of our pooches very miserable and restless. Research shows that CBD has strong anti-inflammatory properties that can help manage chronic or acute inflammation. Combined with its analgesic properties it may help ease discomfort and pain your pet is suffering from.

  • Anxiety

Have you noticed that your pet seems restless when you leave him for a while or hyperventilating? This may be stress and anxiety which can be due to some underlying health condition, neglect from the parents or poor diet. Studies show that CBD can help manage anxiety and depression by regulating serotonin in the body. Therefore CBD may also help your pet suffering from such issues.

Other benefits

  • Homeostasis
  • Nausea
  • IBS
  • Vomiting

However, more research on animals is required to understand how CBD can cause any side effects in the long term.

Does CBD works for pets but how?

Similar to humans, all mammals including dogs and cats also have this advanced endocannabinoid system. This system is involved in maintaining homeostasis in the body by regulating function such as memory immunity, pain and mood. The animal body produces endocannabinoid that attach to the receptors of the system. Exogenous cannabinoids such as CBD also interact with these cannabinoid receptors and show their therapeutic effects.

CBD legal for pets?

CBD is non psychoactive it is legal for human use as long as it does not contain 0.3 % of THC in the united states and below 0.2 % in the UK.

For pets, different countries have different laws. In the United Kingdom it is a criminal offence to use CBD products for pets without a valid prescription from a certified veterinarian. Before selling CBD products for pets they need authorization. Currently there are no CBD infused products in the United Kingdom that have veterinary marketing authorization.

In the United States legality of CBD for pets vary from different state to state. With a little variation, in all the states CBD oil is legal for pets if it does not contain THC more than 0.3 %. Moreover it is also mandatory to buy product from reputable brands and check your local laws before buying pet products.

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